Liz Banks

Liz Banks is Director and co-founder of Skillstudio Limited the presentation and communication skills specialist training company.

Liz is responsible for the design of all Skillstudio's public speaking, presentation skills and communication skills workshops and training courses.

Originally a teacher of dance and drama, Liz brings with her over 15 years training experience in drama, presentation skills & interpersonal communications skills. She is very experienced in bringing out the best in people (at all levels) and this is consistently shown in the feedback received from participants on the Skillstudio range of training courses and workshops.

Liz’s recent experience has involved working with managers and senior executives from a wide range of business sectors. These include banking and financial, oil industry, telecoms, electronic services, legal, transportation, pharmaceuticals, health and medical, information technology. In addition, Liz has worked for a number of UK Government and public bodies such as the Home Office, Health Protection Agency (formerly the Public Health Laboratory Service), County Councils and Academia.

In all cases, her focus is on helping the individual to develop greater confidence in order to enhance their communication and presentation skills.

TV Appearances
Liz is also an expert in body language. She has appeared on a number of TV programmes recently, commenting on the effects of body language in both the business and social environment.

Liz is currently appearing with CNN's Richard Quest on CNN’s Business Traveller TV show in this capacity.

(Click here for more information on the show and the transmission schedule)

Liz Banks and Richard Quest

Contact Details
For more information on Liz, call Skillstudio Limited on +44 (0)8456 444 150 or email us on info@lizbanks.co.uk

Training Courses
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